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Architectural Committee
The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee (the ACC) is to ensure that Brentwood Hills remains a residential community of the highest quality and standard. Furthermore, that all improvements made on the individual properties present an attractive and pleasing appearance in harmony with the surrounding communities, developments and neighboring structures. The committee's goal is to preserve the development as an upscale community within the Valrico/Brandon areas, protect property values, and adjust design standards for color and style in keeping with the current times.

The ACC regularly reviews exterior modification applications online so as to expedite your requests. Applications are submitted to McNeil Management by delivery to the pool office during regular pool office hours or by mailing or emailing to McNeil Management. The applications are then forwarded to the ACC for review. The ACC reviews most applications and provides a response within 10-14 days, however, has 45 days from receipt to approve or deny any application. No work can begin until you have been notified that your application has been approved by the ACC.
Architectural Committee Meeting Minutes

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April 13, 2017 Minutes
April 20, 2017 Minutes
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July 20, 2017 Minutes
Architectural Committee Important Update
The NEW exterior color books are available to property owners at the Swim & Tennis Club Office during normal business hours. If you would like to check them out of the office, a $25.00 cash deposit is required. This website will also be changed to show the new color schemes and the possible combinations.

Please remember that Brentwood Hills is a deed restricted community and that, as a homeowner within this community, you are bound by the Declaration of Covenants. According to Article VI of the Declaration of Covenants, ALL improvements, changes or repairs intended to be made by a homeowner, including but not limited to fencing, landscaping, painting, swimming pools, mailboxes, paving and other exterior additions must be approved in writing by the ACC prior to the change being made. An Alteration Application is available via this Website, from the Swim & Tennis Club office, or from our management company – McNeil Management. Work may not begin without written approval from the Association. If you proceed without approval, you may be asked to stop and return the property to its preconstruction condition at your own expense. Once the work is started, any changes in plans must gain new approval, and you have 180 days to complete the project. A separate application is required for each project that you are submitting. You will be notified in writing by letter when the committee reaches a decision.

If you are planning work which may require the removal of association fencing/landscaping or will cross community property, you will be required to place a $500 deposit with the Association via McNeil Management. This is to protect the community from damage to sod, sprinkler systems, fence, landscape, etc. After the work is completed, any repairs that the Association is required to make as a result of your project will be deducted from your deposit. Click on the Application for Improvement below to access the form.

ACC Alteration Application
Architectural Committee Exterior Painting Guidelines
The ACC has established thirteen (13) standard paint colors for homes. Only colors that appear in the Brentwood Hills color selection books may be chosen. The colors being selected are offered by Porter Paints, a division of Pittsburg Paints. Porter Paints has offered all residents of Brentwood Hills a 20% discount off of wholesale prices. The Brentwood Hills Preferred Customer Discounted Account is TA237100. You may pick up a Preferred Customer Discount Card at the Swim & Tennis Club Office or print one out by clicking on this link (Customer Discount Card) [make this a link].

Porter Paints are available at 3015 US Hwy 301 North (2 miles north of Hwy 60), Telephone: 664-4400 or at 4360 Lithia-Pinecrest Road (1 1/2 mile south of Bloomingdale), Telephone: 684-2800. Also, Porter Paints is providing free technical advice to any Brentwood Hills property owner by calling Tim Kearney, District Manager at (813) 477-3759. Books of the approved exterior colors are available at the Swim & Tennis Club Office and may be viewed inside the pool area or may be checked out for 72 hours with a refundable cash deposit of $25.00. (Note: These colors are hard to capture and/or display on the website so are they may appear somewhat distorted or inaccurate as shown).

These are the Brentwood Hills Association approved exterior colors. Submission of an application for these colors should be approved immediately upon review. Property owners must submit an application whether selecting the approved colors, repainting their home the same color, or selecting a color other than Porter Paints. Any brand other than Porter Paints or any color other than those in the approved list is subject to review and analysis. If a color is selected from the approved list but a different brand is used, the property owner must give the appropriate Porter Paint color name/number from the list which their chosen brand will be matched to. Applications that do not provide such will be denied by the ACC and returned to the property owner. Should you paint an unapproved color, your may find yourself repainting your home in the proper colors as approved by the ACC at your expense. Please be careful to follow these guidelines when choosing your paint colors.

Porter Paints provides a link to "Design Spectrum Color Vision." "Paint an Image" helps you see how the colors will actually look on the body, trim and door of your home. This useful tool can help make your job and the committee's job much easier when picking out one of the approved colors as well as help speed the process. Your local retail store can provide you with the matching numbers should you choose to use something other than a Porter Paint manufacturer (such as Glidden, Behr, Sherwin-Williams, etc).

Homes may only have one (1) body color, one (1) trim color, and one (1) front door color. There are no accent pieces as the committee has recently decided to allow only individual colors for the body, trim and front door. Shutters are the only exceptions and they must be painted one of the following three colors: black, white or the trim color listed on the application. All exterior parts of the home must match the body or trim. The committee has eliminated the painting of all accent pieces. Garage doors, side doors and/or rear doors are not accent items and must be painted the same color as either the body or the trim. Only two colors are to be used on the home and no house may be painted the same color for both the trim and the body. Again, accent items must be painted the same as either the body or the trim. Two houses side by side of the same color will not be approved.
Architectural Committee Mailbox Guidelines
BH Mailbox Guidelines
If you are replacing or painting your mailbox, an ACC application must be submitted (Article VI of covenants) for approval before making any change. Repairs may be done to allow for continuation of delivery of US mail. Please return to this website for more information as it is determined. If you just need minor repairs or painting to meet the colors described, please contact the pool office or the management company. Sometimes there are contractors available to property owners at a reasonable or affordable price and may not require a replacement of the entire mailbox. This can save BH property owner's significant monies.
Cambridge, Stratford & Kensington have established mailboxes that have been defined by the ACC committee. No owner may change any mailbox, post or style of numbers in those areas as they all must remain the same colors, types and styles and include the emblem (if applicable). Most all mailboxes, accessories and paint supplies may be purchased at a home improvement store. Certain features may require special purchase (i.e. the BH symbol) which should be requested via the management company. Metallic postal boxes if not identified below, must be kept completely free of rust, discoloration and dents. Property owners are responsible for maintenance or replacement. For Cambridge Homes, the mailbox is to be a T1 standard deluxe white plastic or metal postal approved mailbox with a red flag. The post must be painted with 2053 Coast Point by Sherwin-Williams. This is generally an off-white color. The detailed blue areas must be Disney Buzz Blaster Blue «DC3C-60-3) by Behr Premium Plus Ext Satin Enamel. Numbers are 4" bronze plated and must appear on the cross bar on the same side as the flag. For Stratford Homes, the mailbox is to be a T1 standard deluxe white plastic or metal postal approved mailbox with a red flag. The post is a standard white PVC mailbox post (sold at Home Depot). For Kensington Homes, the mailbox is to be a T1 standard deluxe white plastic or metal postal approved mailbox with a red flag. The numbers are to be 1 ~" standard black stick on numbers and should be placed on the face of the mailbox.
Cambridge Mailbox:
6x6 post with scalloped arms - appx. $195.00; 2-6"x6" BH logo's--$25.00; Minimum cost (comes with primer & painted white) $215.00; see above for colors that it must be painted. Add On: White aluminum mailbox (does not rust)--$30.00; Standard plastic mailbox-$20.00; Brass #'s on the flag side of the arm-- $2.75 each number; Delivery & installation--$80.00; Delivery only--$40.00. Stratford Mailbox: 3 1/2 x 311 2 PVC with support arm (vinyl numbers included)--$135.00 (comes complete with gothic top & end caps). Add On: Same as above on mailboxes, delivery & installation or delivery only. Kensington Mailbox: 3 11 2 x 3112 PVC Double--$175.00 (comes complete with gothic top and end caps plus includes blue #'s on front); Vinyl BH Logo--$10.00. Add On: Same as above on mailboxes, delivery & installation or delivery only. Note: In most of Kensington, 1/2 is shared by each homeowner on the mailbox post ($92.50 each); same style mailbox must be used by both; Some homes use the single mailbox in Kensington which is the Stratford mailbox with an added cost for the vinyl BH logo. Danielle fence can provide the Gothic Top Caps @ $5.25 each and End Caps @ $1.35 each; Home Depot carries a 1" x 6" universal mailbox mounting plate @ $4.19 and T1 white plastic rural mailbox @ $6.99 (recommended above) and decal numbers (1 1/2" black & gold angle cut numbers) @ $.53 each. All the above prices are plus applicable sales tax and are subject to change. Prices quoted as of January 4,2007. Payment is required at time of order; credit cards are accepted. Time to manufacturer is 1 week for Stratford & Kensington; 10-14 days for Cambridge. Pick up is at Creative Mailbox & Sign Design @ 300 Mears Blvd, Oldsmar, FL 34877 (Telephone #813-818-7100). If you cannot get mailboxes from Creative Mailbox, please contact McNeil Management and ask for their assistance.
For the Avalon & Clarion Neighborhoods:
The committee has approved the Rubbermaid mailboxes that are sold at your local home improvement store for the Avalon & Clarion neighborhoods of the community to standardize them for uniformity and appearance.
Architectural Committee Landscaping Guidelines
Any landscape changes that involve the change of the layout of the front, side or rear of the yard such as, but not limited to, the addition or removal of trees, shrubs or plants, concrete borders, landscape blocks or wood ties, statuary, waterfalls, railing, furniture, flag poles, landscape rocks, patio blocks, additions or changes to driveway or sidewalk size or appearance and any other structure or change that specifically changes the appearance or elevation of the house or the aesthetics, require an application to be approved by the ACC in writing prior to the change. All landscape changes where sod is being added, the ACC recommends the new sod to be of the St. Augustine type to remain consistent and harmonious with the common areas of Brentwood Hills. Sod may not be removed and replaced with mulch unless within a dedicated garden or plant bed area. The planting of flowers, laying of sod to replace damaged areas, adding mulch, colored rock, or using fabric as weed control does not constitute a change, but a maintenance item if it is used in this manner in designated flower beds and/or restoration of the lawn. Property owners must show evidence of proper permits for the removal of trees and a copy must accompany the application for change.
Architectural Committee Fencing Guidelines
The following types of fences are currently approved for installation in the Brentwood Hills development. All fences shall be constructed of wood, PVC/Vinyl, composite or other material. No new chain link, aluminum or metallic fences shall be permitted on any residential Lot. Chain link, aluminum or metallic fences may be permitted in Common Areas or recreational areas as deemed desirable or essential by the Association. All fences shall be board on board, stockade, vertical or horizontal shadowbox. Styles may not be mixed on the same Lot unless specifically approved by the ACC in writing. No fences shall exceed six (6) feet in height. Lattice work on any PVC fence must be of the same material and style so that it is harmonious with the fencing structure. All fences constructed of wood must use pressure treated wood materials and galvanized nails. Posts & stringers must be of the same material and colors as the fencing materials; materials may not be combined unless approved based upon new product development and any changes in the community's vision of future development; stringers utilized in such fencing shall be visible only from the interior of the Lot upon which the fence is constructed, except where the stringers are intended to be a part of the exterior surface of the fence. Properties backing up to common area fences may not install PVC fence directly behind the common area fence, but must utilize the common area fence. In all cases, no fencing shall be closer to the street than the front building line. Vinyl fence may be white, almond or grey, provided the color is harmonious with the surrounding structures and the exterior of the structures the fence connect to; composite fence materials may be of wood-like colors or other colors approved based upon new product development and any changes in the community's vision of future development. Vinyl fence may not be painted unless such action is agreed to by the ACC committee. All fences are to remain of natural or manufactured color unless approved at the time of the owner's application for approval by the ACC committee, at which time it may authorize a stain to be used on certain materials when and where appropriate. No vinyl, wood or other fence shall be painted or its color changed without prior approval via a written approved application for change. All hardware must be black or other colors; hardware must be of stainless steel and must be kept free of rust, debris, damage, or corrosion. All hardware on gates must meet the conditions of hardware aforementioned and must be installed in such a manner to prevent sag or the appearance of a lack of alignment. All post caps must be of the same color & material as the supporting structures of the fence and must be harmonious with the fencing materials being used and must meet with ACC approval. Any changes to styles of post caps and colors requested by owners may be recommended by the ACC and approved by the Board of Directors. All fences must be maintained and kept in good repair, in a manner acceptable to the association. They may not have missing, damaged, warping or faded/sun damaged slats, leaning fence line, uneven or sagging gates, missing hardware, nor may they contain mildew, dirt, debris, graffiti or like substances; No fence may be painted without the approval of the ACC. Installation is to be done by a reputable professional fence contractor unless the property owner can show sufficient evidence of technical knowledge or such that is sufficient to the ACC that allowing such shall provide for quality workmanship and a stable structure from all sides of view. It is the responsibility of the self-installer to establish appropriate safety, health and installation practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use, including the pulling of permits, if any are required. When making application, the property owner must provide a copy of the installation contract for ACC review or notify the committee of the self-installation as required by the application and show evidence of the ability to perform quality, safe workmanship. The ACC reserves the right to request corrections to any installation that it deems inappropriate or which lacks quality workmanship. These guidelines may be changed upon recommendation of the ACC and approved by the board of directors. The entire and complete document is on file with the homeowner's association.
Architectural Committee ACC Questions & Answers
Q: "What factors are considered when a decision is being made by the ACC when reviewing an application?"
A: The ACC reviews each application based upon the covenants. Each application is reviewed based upon the long term vision for the community as a whole and whether the change requested is harmonious with the community in general, the surrounding developments and your neighbors. The objective is to maintain the highest property values for all residents of Brentwood Hills while projecting a pleasing and appealing appearance (See the "purpose" statement above).
Q: "Can a house be painted two colors?"
A: Yes, as long as there is a distinct color difference between the body and the trim. See the 2nd paragraph above under "Exterior Painting”.
Q: "Can the exterior paint trim and body colors shown on the website be reversed?"
A: Only if it is stated in the BH color books which are available at the Swim & Tennis Office. Books may be checked out by leaving a $25.00 deposit in the form of a check or money order with the office attendant.
Q: "What form do I use if I want to do a roof replacement?"
A: Use the same Alteration Application above and check "Other"; please provide all documents associated with the project (contract, survey, etc.) and a sample of the materials to be used.
Q: "If I choose colors on the BH website chart, do I need to go through the written application process?"
A: Yes, but the approval will be quick and timely as these are colors selected by the committee and they do not have to review them for comparison. Remember, that your house may not be the same colors as your neighbors.
Q: "May property owners attend an ACC meeting?"
A: Yes, the committee allows property owners to address the committee on any subject at the beginning of the meeting and also prior to a specific application being reviewed. There is a three (3) minute per property time limit. Every owner is asked to address the committee with dignity and be respectful of their time.
Q: "Is there an appeal process of the ACC committee's decision?"
A: There is no specific appeal process outlined in the documents. The committee may allow any homeowner one opportunity to address the committee with their concerns over a decision provided they have contacted McNeil Management and have requested an audience with the ACC. McNeil will notify the committee secretary who may put it on the agenda at a future regularly scheduled ACC meeting. The time will be limited to three (3) minutes and must relate to said owner’s specific application. The committee may or may not make a decision at that time. All decisions of the ACC committee are final and may not be changed by any other committee, the management company or the Board of Directors.
Social Committee
This Committee is in large part, what differentiates Brentwood Hills from many other communities. They plan activities intended to bring neighbors together for the purpose of having some fun (usually involving food!) and getting to know each other. Their innovative programs enable members to get involved and become a part of the Brentwood Hills Family!
If you're interested in volunteering for our community or think that our community could benefit from an additional committee please fill out our application found on website under documents/forms or pick up from pool office. It takes volunteers to make things happen! Send form to or drop off at pool office.