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Architectural Committee
The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee (the ACC) is to ensure that Brentwood Hills remains a residential community of the highest quality and standard. Furthermore, that all improvements made on the individual properties present an attractive and pleasing appearance in harmony with the surrounding communities, developments and neighboring structures. The committee's goal is to preserve the development as an upscale community within the Valrico/Brandon areas, protect property values, and adjust design standards for color and style in keeping with the current times.

The Architectural Committee meets monthly at the amenity center, during the evening of the Wednesday which immediately follows each monthly Board meeting. Homeowners are welcomed to attend. Please refer to onsite postings at the amenity center for additional details and/or scheduling changes.
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Architectural Committee Important Update
Brentwood Hills has approved a new set of Architectural Standards and Guidelines as of January 15, 2018. Homeowners should refer to these guidelines before planning home improvement and maintenance projects to ascertain if the intended project will be acceptable to the Association. A new Alteration Application form is also in effect. Please make sure you fill in all the necessary information on the form. The form also asks for specific documentation that must be submitted along with the applications. If the required documentation is not included, the application will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted for review. Please ensure that you fill out your applications and all supporting information legibly.

The committee is striving for a more email based application process so we can have quicker communication with homeowners and give faster approvals. If you are not comfortable with emails, you may submit your applications via USPS regular mail, via FAX or in person at McNeil Management’s office, or you may hand deliver your documents to an attendant at the pool office and they will email it for you.

Homeowners should always submit their own Alteration Applications themselves and should not allow contractors or salespeople to submit the application on their behalf. Contractors and salesman have tried to convince homeowners that they will take care of getting Association approval for their projects. Some have tried to persuade homeowners that they don’t need any approval or that they won’t do the job if it takes too long to get approval. Please be reminded that YOU, as the homeowner, are solely responsible for the changes made to your property, not the workers you hire. Please obtain prior approval for your alteration yourself, via direct communication with the Association.”

ACC Alteration Application
Social Committee
This Committee is in large part, what differentiates Brentwood Hills from many other communities. They plan activities intended to bring neighbors together for the purpose of having some fun (usually involving food!) and getting to know each other. Their innovative programs enable members to get involved and become a part of the Brentwood Hills Family!
If you're interested in volunteering for our community or think that our community could benefit from an additional committee please fill out our application found on website under documents/forms or pick up from pool office. It takes volunteers to make things happen! Send form to or drop off at pool office.
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2017/2018 Meeting Notes

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